Wendy Houses

Our Wendy House units can be used for tool sheds, storage rooms, guard huts, etc.

Below we have listed the different Wendy Houses according to size. Please note the difference between the different styles depends on which material is used on the walls:

Difference between Standard & Cumfy Wendy Houses / Tool Sheds:
  • Standard Wendy : The walls are made out of tongue and groove planks which are cladded onto a horizontal frame in a vertical position.

  • Cumfy Wendy : The walls are made out of slightly rounded tongue and groove planks which are cladded onto a H-frame in a horizontal position.

The position of the window and the door is up to the client. We also give you the choice of a stable door at no additional charge.

The prices below are for Wendy Houses & Tool Sheds (floor, walls, door, window and roof). Many Optional Extras can be added to further enhance our standard wendy house.

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Additional Notes

  • The client is responsible for levelling the site and must supply bricks to support the wendy house (should the Wendy not be build on stilts).

  • For delivery fees outside Gauteng or optional extras for the Wendy Houses, please Contact Us.

  • Please Note: the remainder of all styles as far as the roof, floor, windows and doors are concerned remains the same - the only change as mentioned is the difference in the actual wall.

  • The wall height of a Wendy House is 1.8m and the roof of the smaller Wendy (up to a 3.0 x 3.6) are made of Nutec Fibre Cement. Thereafter all bigger Wendy Houses have a corrugated iron roof.

  • The windows are cottage pane wooden windows already glazed.

  • The client has a choice of a solid or stable door. The doors are fitted with pad bolts thus enabling the client to lock the Wendy House with an ordinary pad lock.

  • The floor is a tongue and groove wooden floor.

Our Current Price List
Alternatively click below to download our Price Lists in PDF format:
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